Voice from
the periphery

Camilo Castro & Ivo Tavares | 24 Jul 2020

Education is one of the strongest and most important pillars for the construction of the human being and the evolution of humanity.

It transcends limits and goes beyond borders. Education is ephemeral, intangible, and giant. Society and groups with access to education are universal powers.

And where is education from?

In every corner, in every place, groups of people are rooted in beliefs built from stories… From their stories.

Educating goes beyond the standard or disruptive formats we know through school models.

Educating is about value, respect, empathy, relationships, worldview, and perspective.

And speaking of story, art is a powerful and eloquent way to spread education and make us aware of who we are. Art is the reading of the soul.

We invited Ivo Tavares, a sampled, cautious, communicologist, artist, and Bahian, resident of the Capelinha neighborhood, a community in Salvador, to share with CA some of the delights of his relationship with the job market from his experiences with the art of photography and how this fosters, in his vision, the educational process in peripheral situations.

“I am the exercise of mystery in its most brazen version. Conflicts without purpose will never be my first option.

I was born an artist, creating has always been a constant in all moments of my life. Today, I feel that I project in my art, what my body does not show, but feels. I dedicate myself so that, one day, my creation and I will be one. Without dissociations.

The periphery is more than an address. It seems obvious, but in practice it is not. The proof of this is, when you say where you come from, nobody at the most expensive college in Salvador even knows ‘which way is this’.

Photo of the Capelinha community, in Salvador/BA. Artist's registration.

Peripheral art is a bridge to connect with these people, but usually only for recreation. You see, the same people who had no idea where I came from, dance and sing all the songs of ‘Harmonia do Samba’, love ‘Picolé Capelinha’ and were enchanted by ‘Capelinha do Forró’. In other words, even these three, strongly carrying the name of their place, are enough to minimally enter the repertoire of this social parcel.

The relationship of my art with the periphery is born from the desire to show from the inside what we are and what we represent. That we exist.

If every education model had a strong arm in art, we would have a strengthened and respected art scene. Learning through art makes the process much more interesting and engaging. It develops the individual as a questioning, active, and innovative being.

The school of Communication and life in the periphery highlight points that both have in common. In both we learned that it is necessary to pay attention to what we say and, especially, to what we adopt as discourse, and that silence at the right moment is also vital.

Art arrived as an amplifier of this village wisdom, which was soon refined in college. Taking the essence of my place was a very important step in my growth process. Being proud of who I am does not put me in a place of accepting the problems that conditions imply about me. Society needs to stop romanticizing and blaming bad things on a group with far less opportunity.

All the social movements that are now screaming at our side are attentive and demanding. They demand.

It is at this moment that I see art as a spokesperson for discourses that state the obvious, through a new narrative. We poke society and present new questions. We cause a feeling of “how come we never thought of that” and “it was so obvious”.

The abyss between the values of a business that is born attentive to the world and its plurality, and a business that closes itself in the owner’s head and thinks it saved the world from machismo by posting a “happy Women’s Day” card, becomes clear.

Taking a stand is necessary, being accountable is even more so. Just talking doesn’t tell us anything anymore. Secure a place within your company, and you will have a diverse and strong business to handle countless waves. The more life repertoires, the more words for your thesis.

I once read that the first years of a child’s life is the time when we need to introduce as many words as possible. This stimulates learning and enhances the expansion of their vocabulary for life. In other words, consume art and you will be bigger every day.

If you can’t read, listen. If you can’t create, contemplate and support. Absorb from it all, to be a little of each.”

Education, periphery, art and labor market.

Education saves. Art inspires.

Saves people, groups, contexts, saves evolution.

It inspires essence, from the inside out, vulnerability.

What is the humanization of the market and of companies? It is to make important who, in fact, is important: people.

Whenever we plan to accomplish something, say something, it is valid to reflect: what impact will this have on me and on others? What is the result of all this?

What is the movement that my business is providing in my world and in the world of which I am not a part?