Integrated platform for school and family.
Technology and emotion. A look of affection and collaboration.
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Vigui brought the challenge to thinking about a technological brand with a human approach to an information system that, through the creation of an ecosystem, integrates schools, families and industry.

A digital platform whose pillars are to value the collective, to believe in education and relations as a basis for social evolution and transparency for building solid and trusting relationships.

The name was inspired by two elements:
– The vision, one of the human senses that enables the perception of the outside world and that transcribes the business as a visionary and avant-garde, printing vigilance and attention.
– Guilherme who, etymologically, protects, decides and has courage. It welcomes, provides security and protection.

The tagline “Você, somos nós” bring it close, promotes the joining and formation of groups according to something.

The elements and colors impress organicity and life, with hapiness and vivacity combined with competence, a union that goes against common sense.

Vigui brings a human approach to technology, bringing reliable information to the characters of the brand universe with a social and responsible approach.