Salvador Para
o Mundo

Do you really know Salvador/BA/Brazil?
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How to present the culture of Salvador, in the state of Bahia, out of standard tourist itinerary?

Marcelo Santiago, born in Sergipe and with baiano heart and soul for life’s work, had the prerogative to present the nuances of Salvador’s local culture through photography, with a careful and specific view, out of common sense.

Behold appears Salvador para o mundo, a brand that was born with the purpose to promote happiness, representation, connection and relationships through culture, bringing people closer to their roots, essence origins, telling their stories in form of art, aligning art and tourism.

The brand structure was inspired by elements of local culture such as history, colors, beliefs and manifestations.

Salvador para o mundo was born to spread local culture to all places on the planet, in a responsible, aggregating and artistic way.