Brand building for micro, small, medium and large companies

Camilo Castro | 15 Mai 2022

In standard lines, the market evaluates the importance of doing branding work judging by the size and structure of the enterprise.

For micro, small, and medium-sized companies, the common discourse is “What is branding?”, “Oh, this is for big companies that have money to invest”.

Big brands became big because they understood (and understand) how important the practice of brand building is.

“Branding means making a certain promise to customers to deliver a satisfying experience and level of performance.” Philip Kotler

Branding work aims to create and manage brands.

But what are brands anyway?

Brand is business. Companies have a body, a soul, and through branding work, it is possible to map their essence and transform it into a business platform.

“The brand is the envelope, the business is the letter and branding is the writing process.” Camilo. Castro

It is important that a company has a value proposition and delivery, that makes a difference in people’s lives and generates impacts, positive changes.


Selling what to whom, where, and when?

The process of building and structuring a company starts not only from the business plan, but also from who it is and what it intends/will become.

The practice of branding generates trust in the relationship between product and consumer, causing emotional interaction and extension of its philosophies into the homes (and vice versa).

Brands awaken people’s attitudes towards life.

Brand is everything that pertains to something or someone.

“The brand becomes the entire platform for planning, designing, and delivering superior value to the customers that the company will target.” Philip Kotler

Building branding involves trend study, strategy efforts, design, market, promotion and adaptability, before anything else, a business needs to be willing to have vision centered on what asks for the consumer and their pains.

Usually branding results happen in the medium and long term, they are built over time according to the actions implemented as a point of contact with the consumer.

For each type of effort (online and offline), there are distinct metrics that, in turn, should drive the consumer to engage with the brand, generating results in conversion and sales.

And how does this impact businesses of different structures?

Regardless of size, the main challenge for any business is to connect with people, otherwise it will be a one-way communication, it’s like making a phone call and not listening to who is on the other end.